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Living with the Seasons provides a unique lifestyle approach to detoxification and balancing the body through the lens of ancient wisdom meets modern nutrition. Harnessing the energy of the natural cycles and seasons, we can nourish and restore our bodies with ease, harnessing the momentum of the seasonal changes.  Blending Eastern and Western healing modalities, cleansing rituals and modern nutritional science, Living with the Seasons bridges the gap between what modern techniques continue to reveal about lifestyle and diet, and what the natural elements and our own intuition have known all along. 

This go at your own pace course serves as a step-by-step guide to re-balancing your system in tune with the seasonal energy. Use it as a lifestyle reset, cleanse or detox anytime during the Autumn and Winter seasons to align your body. 

The content is relevant whether you are cleansing or not. Whether you implement all the steps or simply one, this is a starting place. Because how we feel is dependent not just on what we eat, but how we live. Find nourishment rituals, shopping guides, self-care tools, cleansing and nourishing recipes within. Take your time and go at your own pace or follow our two week guideline per season.

- Introduction to the season's energy
- The season according to Eastern Studies
- A note on geographic location
- Potential symptoms of seasonal  imbalance

- Introduction to detoxification
- Why we should cleanse
- Potential benefits of detoxification
- Benefits explored
- What to expect when cleansing

- Organ circadian association
- Mind body approach to healing
- Tools for self-care
- Lymphatic massage

- Nourishment rituals
- Seasonal produce guides
 Pre + Post Cleanse -
- Preparing your body
- Pre-cleanse what will I be eating?
- Pre-cleanse meal plan
- Pre + post recipe inspiration

 Official Cleanse - 
- Your official cleanse meal plan
- 5 day cleanse menu
- Cleanse recipes
- Kitchari
- Homemade nut milk + chai pudding
- Soups + tonics
- Juices + smoothies

- Post- cleanse recommendations
- How to sustain your results


Living with the Seasons is a self-guided, go at your own pace course. All content, videos, demos, recipes, shopping lists and lessons are pre-recorded and accessed through the course site. This purchase is for 6 month access to this content. 

Flora ex Machina does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The course is intended for educational purposes.